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Foundation Course

The UPSC Civil Services Examination has, over the years evolved into a more dynamic process that necessitates the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical understanding. It thus becomes imperative to make significant changes in the learning process so as to cope with the emerging trends and develop that cutting edge in a fiercely competitive world. We at Abhyankar's IAS have generated a foundation course whose unique feature is to sensitize the learners with the essential knowledge and skills which will lay a sound foundation for hisher pursuit of learning and increase the maturity level. The course runs year round spanning of six months.


With the Preliminary Examination being scheduled in August every year, the Prelims program is a intensive six month program interspersed with comprehensive classroom sessions covering the static as well as dynamic portions of the syllabus with periodic evaluations in the form of regular weekly tests.

Towards the end of the course there are full length mock papers on the pattern of the UPSC. This gives a fair idea to the candidate regarding the likely score in the Preliminary Examination.


The duration of the course is generally one year with student intake in January and June. During this period the syllabi for the four papers of General studies coupled with the optional are covered along with answer writing to questions that have appeared in UPSC in the last 10 years. The course also focuses on conducting regular tests on the optional and general studies papers together with weekly solving of worksheets based on current affairs

Students are given a personalised feedback to strengthen their weaker areas. Sessions are interspersed with periodic essay writing comprising a whole range of areas that are part of the civil services exam.

This helps the candidate get a good grasp of the subject. The emphasis is on preparing the candidate for the mains primarily which is the real test of the candidate's ability in writing answers of quality and content.


Essay writing is perfected over long hours of practice and direction. Abhyankar's IAS Academy will help you acquire the necessary skills that will provide you with the cutting edge to ensure safe passage into the civil services. Acquired skill Essay writing is an important part of academic life. Writing a good essay is as much a skill as an art. An intelligent and original writer leaves a clear stamp of his personality on his writing. Writing an essay entails mental qualities like analytical and logical abilities, abilities to synthesize diverse thoughts and opinions, ability to comprehend and express what has been comprehended. Essay writing for civil services examination requires something more. It requires mastery over current facts and information backed by skill to write precisely and cogently for three long hours. Most of the students are under the impression that writing an essay in the UPSC examination should have an ornamental style, lot of hard words and expressions, full of quotes etc. However, this is far from true. A deliberate attempt to make your essay ornamental, flowery and tough could even be disastrous. A good writing should reflect analytical and logical abilities. It will indicate whether you are able to assimilate your ideas or not and the most important of all, it will also indicate whether you have sufficient information or not, especially in the topics which require factual inputs. To ensure uniformity of standards, the evaluation of the answer scripts of all the essay paper should be taken into account:

  1. Good grasp of the subject
  2. Originality of thoughts
  3. Clarity of expression and Integration of thoughts and expression
  4. Precision

We have a module that stretches over a period of three months in which you would be writing 100 essays comprising all areas that are part of the civil services exam. Attention will be paid on the candidate's ability to write with a sound understanding of the subject arranged in a logical and precise manner.


We, at Abhyankar’s IAS, endeavour to make the interview training process a fun filled one which involves field visits to serving civil servants to gauge and understand, firsthand, the challenges and rigors of a life in the civil services.

Mock panel interviews on the lines conducted by the UPSC are organised to evaluate the candidate in a real time setting and to provide him/her with an objective feedback to ensure a success in the final leg.

Interview preparation generally begins two weeks after the mains exam every year.

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