We, at Abhyankar’s IAS have always believed that teaching must move beyond classrooms and physical barriers must not hinder the learning process.

Our E-Learning platform ensures that civil service aspirants from the remotest corners can tune into our live interactive sessions, participate in discussions get their queries and doubts solved, all in real time, with the environment and feel of a physical class, though virtually, and contribute to the cyclic and qualitative based outcomes.

The E-Learning module runs parallelly to the physical classes for the UPSC Civil Services Examination and is interspersed with answer writing practice, periodic tests, Master Classes, individualized feedback and most importantly an online batch strength that doesn’t exceed 35 students!

Aspirants can also undertake specialized coaching for Public Administration, Sociology and Political Science among the optionals that we offer coupled with dedicated sessions for essay and interview.

E-Learning modules run year-round.

For more details you could call +91 9371029463 or write to us.