Kiran S

Kiran S

Writeup by Kiran S, AIR-302, CSE-2016

Five attempts, 2 interviews and not being in the coveted rank list would be a heart breaking situation for any aspirant. I was being let down by my interview scores. This is when I chanced upon Abhayankar's IAS for my interview preparation.

Aashay Sir's unique approach to personality test focused on short mock interviews, focus on how to do a better conversation with an idea to convey more in few words, interaction with senior officers and understanding the need of personality test played a major role in my success.

Further, Sir helped me to understand the requirements and how a panel of 5 members assesses a candidate. Also, his way of teaching and thinking, away from the regular run of the mill coaching classes, gives a fresh perspective to an aspirant.

Eventually, I scored 182 in my third interview and currently undergoing training for IRS(IT) in Nagpur.

I take this opportunity to thank Sir from the bottom of my heart.

Kiran S, IRS(IT)