MPSC Course


The Maharashtra State Public Service Commission conducts yearly exams for recruitment to the State Service Commission for Gazetted and Non-gazetted posts like the Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Deputy District Registrar, etc. Over the last few years, the State Service Commissions have been gaining a larger importance as the government interest in decentralization of the administrative services at the state level increases. With this in mind, the recruitment exams for the MPSC have been scaled up to a level almost at par with the Union Public Service Commission requiring a rigour and expertise of a high level.

In keeping with this trend in the administrative services, as a premier institute for UPSC Civil Services training, Abhyankar’s IAS conducts a MPSC Comprehensive Integrated Programme in English and Marathi mediums. The programme spans a duration of one year and generally begins in the last week of June. During this period the students will be covering the syllabi for both the Prelims and the Mains papers as well as preparation for the Interview process through a comprehensive structured approach.

About the Programme

The integrated programme will be conducted in two batches, weekdays and weekends, which has been tailored to suit both students and working professionals. The classes will be conducted in both English and Marathi medium. With our limited batch strength of NOT more than 35 students, we ensure that each student is given personalised attention.

The course structure has been designed with a view of developing the students personal skill-set and knowledge giving them the confidence to be test-ready by the end of the year.


The Course will begin with a focus on the Mains papers, covering the wide range of topics in the syllabus through an interactive classroom approach, with teaching interspersed with fortnightly sectional tests to hone answer writing skills. The students will have the advantage of a pedagogical approach which integrates local and regional knowledge with national and global issues.

Worksheets focussing on the dynamic and static portions of the syllabus are handed out at periodic intervals throughout the program. They hone the students answer writing skills. Focussed interactions on current affairs forms the mainstay of the teaching process and aid the students in maintaining a rigour both in class and through self-study.


The Prelims for the MPSC exam usually take place around the month of April every year and will be integrated into our yearly programme. The prelims training will focus on both the static and the dynamic syllabus with a three-tiered test structure.

  • Sectional Tests
  • Full Portion Tests
  • Countdown Series Tests

This system helps in sharpening the skills of the student in test-taking and answer writing as well as helps both the student and the instructors identify weaker areas and strategize on strengthening them.

For more details you could call +91 9371029463 or write to us.

Highlights of the Course

Master Class

The Master Class initiative was conceptualised to facilitate interactions with academicians, bureaucrats and stalwarts from myriad walks of life to share their real-time experiences and distilled wisdom to enable students to broaden their horizons and deepen their perspectives.

The focus remains to take teaching beyond classrooms and sharpen skill set with excellence forming the credo at Abhyankar’s IAS. Skills are based on ability to learn new things and help students to navigate their personal and professional goals better.


The Mains exam for the MPSC also includes a language component comprising two papers, subjective and objective for both Marathi and English. Essay writing is perfected over long hours of practice and direction, for this component, we will be conducting multiple comprehensive writing sessions with a view to hone these skills. Students will develop not just their factual skills but also their analytical and communication skills which are the key to writing a good essay. Attention will be paid on the candidate's ability to write with a sound understanding of the subject arranged in a logical and precise manner.


Along with the Prelims and Mains, the Comprehensive Integrated Programme will also include interview preparation with mock interviews with panels of experts and serving as well as retired civil servants and regular feedback sessions with the students.

Mock panel interviews on the lines conducted by the MPSC are organised to evaluate the candidate in a real time setting and to provide him/her with an objective feedback to ensure a success in the final leg.

For more details you could call +91 9371029463 or write to us.